Shosuro Jocho

Captain of the City Guard


085_Bayushi_Azumamoru_ScorpionClan_L5R_disp.jpgWell known as a extremely handsome young playboy, which some have gossiped might be the reason even the normally permissive and tolerant Scorpion haven’t promoted the promising officer already.


Captain of the City Guard or as it’s know locally the Thunder Guard, Shosuro Jocho is the son of Governor Shosuro Hyobu. While he was the heir apparent to his father, his interest or talents or both lay as a solider. He’s developed a positive reputation as a captain but with experienced battlefield commanders needed with what might be an actual war with Unicorn and Crane Clan, it might be that he serves under his younger sister before being granted command of his own legion.

Shosuro Jocho

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