Governor Shosuro Hyobu

Daimyo of Ryoko Owari



Governor Shosuro Hyobu is the current Daimyo of Ryoko Owari, a handsome and somewhat short woman in early fifties, she has aged gracefully but it’s apparent she never was a beautiful woman.


Since the death of her husband, Shosuro Akitada the previous governor, she became acting governor and then governor of Ryoko Owari when it became apparent her son Shosuro Jocho had no interest in a political career and that his future lay in the military field, and will act as Governor until her daughter Kimi is ready or until Hyobu chooses to retire. Despite becoming governor by accident and being almost totally unprepared or trained for it, she is widely popular in the city and among her superiors and lords in Scorpion Clan. She was spoken of highly by the previous Emerald Magistrate Daidoji Naritoki.

Governor Shosuro Hyobu

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