Ryoko Owari Toshi

It’s a city with many names, the City of Green Walls for the ivory vines that grow on on it’s city walls, the City of Stories for it’s varied and well “storied” history, and of course the City of Lies, for it’s less than stellar reputation as being a crime, drug, and decadence ridden cesspool. Nonetheless with the destruction of Otosan Uchi, it is now both the largest city and the main trade hub of Rokugan. The symbol of everything the Emerald Empire cultural stands against, is now it’s heart and it’s survival is important to Rokugan’s own.

Last month, the previous Emerald Magistrate, Daidoji Narituki, was found burned alive in his carriage, no doubt murdered. The murder of of an Emerald Magistrate is without a doubt one of the most heinous crimes that can be perpetuated in the Empire. For an assault on one of the Emperor’s direct servants is little better than an assault on the Emperor himself, and in an assault on the Empire is no less than utter treachery and blasphemy. The Emerald Champion on the direct orders of Emperor Toturi IV has dispatched a entire team of Emerald Magistrates to get to the bottom of the case and ensure this can never happen again in Ryoko Owari. Of course that will be easier said then done, for in a city of criminals and of lies there are many to suspect and the truth will harder than jade to come by.

The bandit Fade raids and terrorizes many within the city even as he’s celebrated in the countryside, and it’s well know Narituki was his greatest rival and perhaps the only one who truly threatened his activity in the region. Ide Baranato always thought either Narituki covered up or was somehow responsible for his eldest son’s death. He investigated the ninja myth prominently throughout the Ryoko Owari. And the story of Frog and Scorpion is a fable told to children for a reason, it is all too easy to see that the friendship between Governor Shosuro Hyobu and Daidoji Narituki went south for reasons that might be even unknown to a person like her.

Legend of the Five Rings - City of Lies